First visit, not my regular stop in Winter Garden but will be now. Probably the most well stocked and exotic bar I have been to in quite a while. Custom Scratch Soda was refreshing and tasty. Solid selection of local craft beer and the menu is diverse and reasonably priced. Definitely a must visit.<br />

Todd H.

Masterful food, fantastic and hilarious wait staff, and a gem of a restaurant for not only Winter Garden but the entire Orlando area. This is a must-go restaurant!

Tim M.

One of the best restaurants in The Orlando area. The truffle gnocchi is so incredible, we ended up ordering another one. I’ve also had their ahi tuna, bread & assortment of butters, Delmonico steak, filet mignon, macaroon, and cotton candy (different visits). The service, atmosphere, and food are truly one of a kind. Definitely recommend for a date night or special occasion.

Megan G.

Top notch! Excellent service and amazing gourmet grade food.

Dário B.

My favorite restaurant in Central Florida. I’m a very picky eater and I’ve never had anything I did not like there. My favorite is when you can sit on the porch to eat with friends and enjoy the real south. It’s one of the only restaurants where you can actually have a meal and conversation and hear each other. It is SO WONDERFUL!

Jeannie R.

The most amazing fresh food and a great atmosphere coupled with 5 star service…one place you don’t want to miss

Carol S.

Very tasty food and beverages! Clean facility and very friendly staff! Loved eating at the table near the kitchen and watching awesome plates of food being brought one by one. We were very pleasantly surprised by the smoldering rosemary in our mule, and by the addition of actual spiciness to our thai chili sauce, plus the size and flavor of the raspberry macaron!

Brian B.

Just celebrated Valentine’s 2020 with my wife at Chef Ryan’s restaurant. As always it was great. Great service staff, awesome menu selection and everything was delicious. Thank you for making our evening perfect!

Frank G.

The best restaurant in greater Orlando!! A true gem!!!

David R.

The best steak you’ll ever eat!

Grant K.

What a lovely place with outstanding food & service. Truly appreciate they are willing to accommodate special diets & do it with creativity, thoughtfulness, using the freshest most delicious ingredients! Thank you again for another outstanding experience. Will see you again in 2 weeks!

Lynn T.

There was nothing at this restaurant which when tasted we didn’t immediately look at each other in amazement… Right down to even the cauliflower.

Brian C.

Loved it. Had a party of 23 and the service, food and drinks were excellent. The charcuterie board had and awesome bread served with it, the calamari was light and crispy and the drinks delectable. I loved that there were choices for all; steaks, fish and chicken. I had the scallops which were perfect, but I also tasted the steak and halibut and all were cooked perfectly. Hats off to Chef on a lovely place to end the day with friends and coworkers! A must-do in Historic Winter Garden.

Kendra L.

Food was incredible, both in taste and presentation. Highly recommend!

Laurence H.

This restaurant is a must! Ambiance is welcoming and well thought-out. Service is prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly. FOOD is delicious, well balanced, and tasty.

Daryl G.

Two words: truffle gnocchi. This is a place that takes their ingredients seriously. Sourced locally, they serve up dishes that make your mouth water, your taste buds dance, and your stomach happy. Also, their filet mignon is perfect.

Vadim S.

The service was the best. The food was mouth watering, delicious. From the wine list, appetizers, entrees, to dessert, everything was worthy of a 5-star restaurant. From the minute we got there till we left, everybody was above and beyond top notch service. Thank you Chef Ryan!<br />

Faye S.

Wonderful restaurant; A lot goes very well here, service for one is friendly and attentive.<br /> The food has enough of an edge to make it standout from the rest. Flavours are pretty bold and on point, so are the techniques put into use. This was better than some of the signature restaurants on Disney property as well as Norman’s. Highly recommended.

Mark V.